Winter Home Prep: Your Essential Guide

November 7, 2023 | Article

Winter is on its way, and preparing your home is the key to a cozy and efficient season. Here’s a quick guide to get your home winter-ready:

  1. Close Outdoor Plumbing Taps πŸ› οΈ
    Prevent frozen pipes by closing outdoor plumbing taps. It’s a small step with big benefits
  2. Leaf Cleanup for a Neat Exterior πŸ‚
    Clear away leaves to avoid clogged drains and gutters. A clean exterior protects your home from potential water damage.
  3. Furnace Filter Check πŸ’°
    Optimize your furnace’s performance by replacing the filter regularly. It improves air quality and reduces energy bills.
  4. Schedule Professional Furnace Cleaning 🧹
    Ensure a smooth winter by scheduling a professional furnace cleaning. It enhances efficiency and extends your heating system’s lifespan.
  5. Fireplace Maintenance: Wood and Gas πŸ”₯
    Whether wood or gas, clean and inspect your fireplace for a cozy and safe winter experience.

Additional Quick Tips:
🏑 Seal drafts and insulate for energy efficiency.
🏠Check the roof for damage and clean gutters to prevent ice dams.
πŸͺ‘Protect outdoor furniture for a longer lifespan.
⛏️ Stock up on winter essentials like salt and snow shovels.

By following these quick tips, you’ll have a snug and worry-free winter at home! β„οΈπŸ°β„οΈ