Purchasing new construction homes in Ottawa can be an exciting, but daunting task. There are countless builders, neighbourhoods, and options, but Christine and her team will walk you through it with ease.

Commonly Asked Questions About New Construction

Having worked extensively with the area’s top builders, Christine has an unmatched knowledge of new home construction. Our team will help reduce your research time and find the perfect family home sooner.

Most builders pay agents a co-broke fee for selling new construction homes in Ottawa. Co-broking is a service allowing the REALTOR® community and the builder community to work in tandem to help buyers find the best home.


None! Builders have a single-price policy, so whether you use a REALTOR® or not, the builder sells the home at the same price. Why wouldn’t you want someone working for you?

NOTE: It’s imperative that your REALTOR® introduces you to the builders. A builder won’t cooperate with your sale or pay the agent service fee if you register at a builder’s site or even on their website without a REALTOR®. It’ll then be your responsibility to pay for the REALTOR® services.

When considering new construction homes in Ottawa, choose a skilled, experienced builder who offers modern designs and superior quality.

Most Ottawa builders are members of the local Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association (GOHBA) and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA), and are Tarion registered. Each association’s code of ethics calls for fair and honest dealings with both consumers and colleagues. Christine works mainly with members of the Ottawa-Carleton Home Builders’ Association (OCHBA) and can recommend the best builders.

With careful research and evaluation of a builder, it’s possible to avoid common problems stemming from communication or contract issues. Choosing the Hauschild Group means you’ll have the right representation and always be protected when purchasing your home.

It’s important that you trust this person and their advice. They know their product and their builder, and they’ll be your primary contact during the entire process. However, they work for the builder and must follow the builders guidelines.

Remember: the only contract valid is the written version. Get your requirements written in the contract or they won’t be done.

Once you’ve found your ideal location, the next step is to gather information about the area. Make an appointment with the sales rep and remember to ask these questions before considering new construction homes in Ottawa.

  1. Is the builder a member of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association?
  2. Are they a Tarion Registered Builder?
  3. How long has the company been in business?
  4. How many homes does the builder produce annually?
  5. If I purchased a home now, when would the closing date be? (It is common that the closing date will be anywhere from 8-12 months, and up to 2 years for land not yet registered.)
  6. How long have you been a member of the Tarion New Home Warranty Program and what is your current rating? (Visit tarion.com to view a list of Ontario builders.)
  7. What is your builder warranty? Describe your company’s after sales service program. Has it been successful?
  8. Are you the developer of the area as well as the builder? (The developer controls the area and also controls the lot allotments to the builders.)
  9. Are maps and information available to find the following?
  • Zoning of the area and the surrounding lands. (You’ll want to make sure a high rise isn’t going to be built in front of your window or that a highway won’t be built next to your property.)
  • Do the maps have engineered approval and are they stamped approved by the city? (If they’re not yet approved, the city can still make changes.)
  • Easements, Restrictions, and Right of Ways. (Make sure you understand all the rules and regulations of living in a development community.)
  • Sidewalk Locations. (This could affect the size of your yard.)
  • Driveway Locations. (Note that most builders won’t allow you to change the driveway location, but you should know what could end up next to you.)
  • Civic Addresses. (Until registration has occurred on the land this may be impossible to obtain.)
  • Landscape Plan. (This will let you know exactly how your property’s exterior will be designed.)
  • Grading Plan. (The grade plan can tell a story of how the entire street will look when completed.)
  • Community Information. (The builder should provide you with all up-to-date information on schools, places of worship, associations, shopping and more.)

Buying new a construction home and selling it resale

Always consider the eventual resale of your home in your purchase equation. Remember location and value. If you sell your beautiful brand new home in 5 years, well, it won’t be so new anymore.

So before you move the walls and make it the kind of home only you would buy, or before you get that really good deal on a very busy street, think about how your value will increase in the years to come. Remember your home is your investment. Some increase better than others.

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