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Meg Kennedy


With close to twenty years of invaluable experience in Ottawa’s real estate market, Meg is dedicated to taking your home buying or selling journey to extraordinary levels! Hailing from Orleans originally, Meg possesses an intimate knowledge of both the ‘up the hill’ and ‘down the hill’ areas, making her your ultimate guide in navigating Ottawa’s diverse neighborhoods.

A true Ottawan at heart, Meg has resided in every corner of this splendid city, granting her unparalleled insights into each neighborhood’s distinct character. Whether you envision settling in a snug urban enclave or a tranquil suburban haven, Meg is your go-to expert for finding your perfect match.

Meg’s commitment to her clients is unwavering. With integrity, transparency, and approachability as her guiding principles, she’s devoted to helping you seize every opportunity in the real estate market.

Fuelled by a genuine passion for all facets of real estate, Meg thrives on the diversity of people and properties she encounters daily. When she’s not collaborating with our team or assisting clients in our office, you’ll often find her enjoying quality time with her beloved dogs or embracing the challenge of a Bikram yoga session.

Meg's Q&A

Make your first home an income property. Either sell it, or move into it. Your property is valuable, and investing in yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself!

I have three dogs: Henry, Lucy, and Jill.

I’m approachable, and people confide in me all the time.

I love Bikram yoga!

Coffee. Every time. French press is even better.

Vacation! I love the Bahamas, especially diving and swimming.