Sitting on the shores of the Rideau river, Manotick has earned its reputation as one of the most desirable areas of Ottawa. This neighbourhood has a rich history dating back to the 1830’s when it was originally settled which adds to its distinct character.

Manotick is just 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa and close to major roadways including Mitch Owens Road, Prince of Wales Drive, and Limebank Road. Residents here primarily rely on cars, bicycles, and walking for transportation.

Part of Manotick’s undeniable charm are the beautiful surroundings. Manotick boasts proximity to the waterfront like no other neighbourhood in Ottawa, and charming heritage homes line the main streets. Lovely communities of modern mid-century homes can be found in the surrounding areas, while an island sits in the middle of the area offering lots on mature streets with lush trees, manicured lawns, and gorgeous homes.

Why we love Manotick

The community in this neighbourhood has an astounding reputation and pride. Many residents are heavily involved in community events, arts, local recreation, sports, and more. A true sense of togetherness is evident and there is strong support for local business.

In the heart of Manotick you’ll find great amenities including amazing restaurants, local artisans, farmers markets, and independent businesses that attract people from all over Ottawa. The outskirts of the area features vast farmland and several local producers, including major employer SunTech Greenhouses.

Families with active lifestyles can enjoy access to the Manotick Recreation Centre, hit the links at Rideau View Golf Club, or spend the day doing water activities at the Carleton Golf and Yacht club or the Hurst Marina. Manotick community members have waterfront access to kilometers of fishing, water sports, and boating. Plenty of greenspaces and a network of parks and trails are also nestled within Manotick, including Beryl Gaffney Park and the David Bartlett Park.

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